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Natural Hair: To Cut It, or Not to Cut It?


In the natural hair community, I have seen multiple acronyms like the ones above all referring to natural hair length. I’ve also seen many people documenting their hair growth after they decided to go natural. I think it’s wonderful that natural-haired women (and men) are setting hair length goals for themselves. For so long, African-Americans, women especially, have believed this myth that their natural hair does not grow past a certain length without a relaxer. Many still believe that to this day. That’s why I love the “natural movement” because it disproves that belief and empowers us to rock our natural hair!

So, have I ever documented my natural hair growth? No, but when I initially cut the remainder of the relaxer out of my hair, it was already a pretty good length, and I didn’t really have the desire to grow my hair to a certain length. I just wanted to be fully natural.

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