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The Clear Skin Equation: Three Major Things That Could Help Clear Your Acne

There are tons of factors that could be causing your acne, and what’s causing mine could be different than what’s causing yours. However, I believe there are three main things that we can work on in order to clear our skin for life, not just temporarily. I thought it’d be fun to put it in equation form, so here it is:

Natural Skincare Routine + Healthy Diet + Emotional Health = Clear Skin!

Obviously, this equation is in its most basic form. These are just three major things I feel could make a huge impact on my skin personally and hopefully yours as well. Here’s the breakdown…

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Three Reasons Why I Want to Clear My Acne

I was always told I would “grow out of my acne,” but at age 22 with no end to my acne in sight, I consider that belief a myth. Actually when I was in my teens, I remember one of my aunts was still struggling with acne in her mid-thirties, but I still held on to the hope that maybe I was one of the lucky ones who WOULD “grow out of acne.”

Well, we all know how that story ends. However, now that I’ve learned to accept myself with acne, I actually consider it a blessing. Since I became so determined to clear my skin, it’s led me to this whole other world of natural stuff that I really enjoy learning about.

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