Hi! I’m Emily, and welcome to my blog!

I’m just 22 year old, naturally curly-haired college student with an interest in natural skin, hair, and overall body care. Since I have such a passion for learning about natural ways to take care of and heal our bodies, I’m starting this blog in hopes of sharing what I learn with others.

My Journey to Natural Health

The main reason I started exploring natural health is because I was fed up with my acne. I started getting a few pimples here and there in middle school, but my acne started to flare up when I began high school. It began to spread from my face onto my upper back, and by my senior year, it had spread to the upper portion of my arms. I remember being so self-conscious about my skin that I didn’t even want to wear tank tops in the summertime for years. I thought I was the only person on the earth with acne in places other than my face, and I was mortified.

After nearly 10 years of dealing with acne, the facial cleansers, the toners, the moisturizers, and the emotional stress of it all just didn’t seem worth it or right to me anymore. When I say “right,” I mean that I just felt like something was missing. Like so many other acne sufferers, I had tried EVERYTHING. Every cleanser and cream on the shelf, prescription topical creams, oral medications, the works. And did any of it clear my skin? Of course not. I thought to myself, “There has to be an alternative solution to clearing my skin, something that makes more sense.” And so, my journey began.

Where I’m at Today

As of today (July 2012), I am still on my journey to clear skin. I have resorted to a completely natural skin care routine, and within the past few months, I have noticed an improvement in my skin just by changing the products I put on my face! After much research over the past few years, I’ve realized that in order to COMPLETELY clear my skin, I will eventually need to cleanse my body internally, as well.

As I move towards my goal of clear skin, I’m hoping that those of you who are trying to reach this same goal will come along on this journey with me! I’m extremely determined to clear my skin, and I think I’ve finally gathered enough knowledge and insight in order to do so. I can’t wait ’til the day I can say, “I finally have clear skin!”

What You’ll Find on This Blog

Although acne is my main reason for “going natural,” I also love learning about natural remedies for our bodies, everything relating to naturally curly hair, raw and organic foods, natural oils, natural skin and hair products, natural cosmetics, and anything related to natural, holistic living. Here’s a list of everything I’ll  cover on my blog:

  • Acne – how to deal with it, and how to heal it
  • Natural skin care alternatives
  • Food and nutrition for clear skin and healthier living
  • Naturally curly hair and everything about it!
  • Product reviews and recommendations
  • Anything that relates to “going natural” and living a healthy and happy life!

Since I’m still exploring, not everything I use is completely natural, but that’s why I call this a journey. Eventually, I would love to live a holistic life where the majority of what I use and put into my body is natural and organic. For now, I’m just enjoying the ride and hoping to share with you what I’m learning on my way to a healthier, holistic life!

Enjoy the blog!