Natural Hair: To Cut It, or Not to Cut It?


In the natural hair community, I have seen multiple acronyms like the ones above all referring to natural hair length. I’ve also seen many people documenting their hair growth after they decided to go natural. I think it’s wonderful that natural-haired women (and men) are setting hair length goals for themselves. For so long, African-Americans, women especially, have believed this myth that their natural hair does not grow past a certain length without a relaxer. Many still believe that to this day. That’s why I love the “natural movement” because it disproves that belief and empowers us to rock our natural hair!

So, have I ever documented my natural hair growth? No, but when I initially cut the remainder of the relaxer out of my hair, it was already a pretty good length, and I didn’t really have the desire to grow my hair to a certain length. I just wanted to be fully natural.

After awhile, I decided that since fall/winter is approaching, I wanted to grow my hair closer to its previous length, which at one point was BSL (bra-strap length). I wasn’t measuring it or anything, I just figured once it got to a certain length, I’d stick with it.

Until nearly two weeks ago when I went to get my hair trimmed. I only wanted to cut off an inch or so, and I told my long-time hair dresser that I wanted to keep the length. To this she replied, “Okay, but I loved when you had your short curly hair.” My mom agreed. And this got me thinking.

I loved when my hair was short too. I’ve never known what hair length best suited me, but I’ve never been one to fuss with my hair or try different hairstyles. I always rock a wash-n-go or a less than perfect ponytail. I get frustrated with my curly hair quite a bit, so ponytails are common for me. And most of the time, I’m fine with that, but lately I’ve been getting tired of the whole boring ponytail thing.

Now, I’m having second thoughts about growing my hair out, and I’m thinking about cutting it pretty short again. I figured if I’m going to cut it, I might as well do it now before it gets too long. I’ve always wondered what I’d look like with REALLY short hair, I’m talking pixie cut short. I’m too afraid to cut it super short though, I’m too worried I’ll hate it and have to hide under a hat, or people will think I look like a boy. Normal feelings, I suppose.

I’ve always had this issue with my hair. To cut it, or not to cut it? Long or short? What length is perfect for me? Since I’m still not completely satisfied with the length my hair is now, I guess it’s time to try something new.

Do you have issues deciding whether or not to cut your hair? What length do you think is perfect for you?



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