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Acne and Stress: Back to School Breakouts

A typical acne breakout for me… yikes!

Today was my first day of fall classes, yay! I’m always excited to be back at school, except for one thing: my skin starts breaking out! Throughout the summer, my skin stays fairly clear with a few breakouts every once in a while. Then a few days ago, my acne started flaring up out of nowhere.

My acne always flares up  during the school year, but usually not until the second or third week of classes.It’s odd because I haven’t really been that stressed recently. Actually, compared to the last few weeks, my stress level has been relatively low. It could have something to do with the fact that I’ve been eating more food in general,  especially more junk food. Or my skin could just be playing catch up to my stress a few weeks ago. Who knows.

If you’re struggling with back to school acne breakouts, here’s a little piece of advice that may help you deal with them.

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Natural Hair: To Cut It, or Not to Cut It?


In the natural hair community, I have seen multiple acronyms like the ones above all referring to natural hair length. I’ve also seen many people documenting their hair growth after they decided to go natural. I think it’s wonderful that natural-haired women (and men) are setting hair length goals for themselves. For so long, African-Americans, women especially, have believed this myth that their natural hair does not grow past a certain length without a relaxer. Many still believe that to this day. That’s why I love the “natural movement” because it disproves that belief and empowers us to rock our natural hair!

So, have I ever documented my natural hair growth? No, but when I initially cut the remainder of the relaxer out of my hair, it was already a pretty good length, and I didn’t really have the desire to grow my hair to a certain length. I just wanted to be fully natural.

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